Great Video Tutorials

Even though I'd seen some brief clips on youtube from this site I had never actually bought anything from them until a few weeks ago when I signed up for their monthly subscription.

Here's three of my favorite tutorials I've found so far: 

1) Orchestration 101: The String Section by Thomas Goss.

Really enjoyed this one and can't wait for Thomas to cover the rest of the orchestra in the same fashion. Very thorough and the score study section in the included pdf is extremely valuable with links to each recommended score for download from

Thomas not only knows the orchestra inside and out, he's also very good at teaching what he knows in a informal and entertaining fashion.

By using the link below you'll get 20% off the regular price:

2) Orchestration 301: The MIDI Orchestra - Enhancing Realism by Peter Schwartz

Great advice on how to get your mock-ups to sound better than ever. I've been using samples for many years, but still picked up some new things from this one.

Highly recommended and I can't imagine a better introduction to the sampled orchestra if you're new to this intimidating topic. 

By using the link below you'll get 20% off the regular price:

3) Music Scoring 101: Creating Moods and Styles by Gary Guttman

Great examples of how you can totally change the tone of a piece of music by relatively simple changes in harmony, rhythm and orchestration. Gary explains it in a very clear and easy to follow fashion and makes you eager to get back to composing yourself. 

Again, 20% off if you use the link below:

To be totally transparent I will earn a small commission if you buy any of these through the above links. But like I have stated on my resources page, I only recommend things I actually use and can recommend with a clear conscience. Do yourself a favour and at least check out the introduction videos to any of the above that you find interesting before making a decision. You get a full outline of the courses and can watch a few samples as well as read the reviews. Like I said in the beginning of the post I started subscribing instead of buying the videos which is cheaper in the long run if you're interested in more than 2 or 3 videos. You can check out the different plans they have here: