TD8 #2: Strings And Harp Ostinato

Been listening to Alexandre Desplat most of the day and wanted to try out one of his "melancholic strings but still with some forward momentum" type things. Here's what I came up with.

Download the Pdf's and Mp3 here!

The harp makes a huge difference here even though you don't really notice it after a few bars. It really helps to bring some movement to the device without dominating the texture.The new element here is the fill in the harp in the second to the last bar. The ascending line in the first violins and celeste could also be seen as a bridge instead of the main melody.

Marking up the scores like this with colors is very helpful regardless if you think in elements or not. Take any score that you like and simply look at the different sections of the orchestra bar by bar while coloring in each idea/element with a separate color. This is very illuminating when it comes to understanding how the different sections support each other and how the roles change.