TD8 #4: Sneaky Counterpoint

Download Pdf's and mp3 here!

As you can see in the Elements score the melody is both green and red. I use this when there's two melodies that are of equal importance that overlaps, much clearer than just using one color.

The pedal is made up of celli/violas/bassoon and harp. Besides the Celli that's doubled by the bassoon they all have their own figures, but since it's all centered around the same note the combined effect is a pedal.

I analyzed the bass drum hit as a fill since it really sticks out at the end. When it comes to percussion, I usually try to see which Element it fits together with the best and label it accordingly.

I've noticed that on some of the Elements Pdf's the highlights are a bit out of place when opening it in the OS X preview. Try using adobe reader instead if you have that problem