TD8 #7: Chasing Strings & Woods

Download Pdf's and Mp3 here!

This wasn't based on anything specific, I just wanted to have a quick lively melody in the strings and woodwinds. I started with a sketch of the main melodic idea, when I was satisfied with that I added the bass line. Once the bass was determined it was time to add the harmony. All this was done on 4 staves. Here's the sketch:

As you can see the sketch is not very detailed, it's more a way to get started and have something to build on in the full score. It's great to have the bare-bones version to fall back on if you run into trouble while orchestrating/arranging a piece. I don't always make a sketch though, and I almost always wish that I had during one point or another in the process when I try to "skip" ahead to a finished product. They say that a great song should work with just an acoustic guitar and vocals, the sketch is our version of that. 

I'll include any sketches I've done for each device from now on in case anyone is interested.