TD8 #30: Flutes & Glock

Got this idea from Alan Silvestri's score to "Night At The Museum". Here's what I liked:

1) The playful feel you get from the rolling 3/8 rhythm.

2) The way the glock/celeste adds that sparkle without overpowering the main thing.

3) How the string tremolo works as a bridge to whatever comes next. Very flexible since you can go almost anywhere from this point.

TD8 #29: Descending Triads

This device is something I heard on the second "Harry Potter" soundtrack by John Williams. Here's what I liked: 

1) The movement you get from the strings arpeggiating the harmony.

2) How the very soft doubling of Violins 1 in the celeste (an octave higher) gives it a subtle sparkle.

3) The way the harp adds to the pulse with a very simple pattern.

4) The way the "melody" moves through the different registers blending into each new group of instruments in the woodwinds.

TD8 #28: Harp & String Ostinato

Listened to Alan Silvestri's score to "Stuart Little" when this cool device caught my ear. In the original it was more of a phrygian feel and no "real" melody below it. Here's what I liked about it:

1) The rhythmic bed you get from combining the strings and harp, especially with the measured tremolos in the strings. (the piano also helps a lot, basically working as a pedal/ostinato since it's on the same note throughout)

2) How easy it was to apply it to another tonality. Since it's basically a scale fragment harmonized in 6ths you really get a sense of the tonality quickly.