TD8 #30: Flutes & Glock

Got this idea from Alan Silvestri's score to "Night At The Museum". Here's what I liked:

1) The playful feel you get from the rolling 3/8 rhythm.

2) The way the glock/celeste adds that sparkle without overpowering the main thing.

3) How the string tremolo works as a bridge to whatever comes next. Very flexible since you can go almost anywhere from this point.

TD8 #28: Harp & String Ostinato

Listened to Alan Silvestri's score to "Stuart Little" when this cool device caught my ear. In the original it was more of a phrygian feel and no "real" melody below it. Here's what I liked about it:

1) The rhythmic bed you get from combining the strings and harp, especially with the measured tremolos in the strings. (the piano also helps a lot, basically working as a pedal/ostinato since it's on the same note throughout)

2) How easy it was to apply it to another tonality. Since it's basically a scale fragment harmonized in 6ths you really get a sense of the tonality quickly.

TD8 #20: Counterpoint & String Runs

Download pdf's and mp3 here!

This one is based on something I heard on Alan Silvestri's score to "A Christmas Carol". What caught my ear was the melody in canon and also the energetic string runs that really adds some excitement. All this is going on over a low pedal that gives a solid base (pun intended) to build on.

Here's the sketch: