TD8 #27: Quirky 50's Style

Download pdf's and mp3 here!

Here's another device I pieked up from Bill Ross. I don't even know what the style is called, I've seen everything from "easy listening" to "post-war-style". If anyone knows please let me know:) 

The style also reminds me of the music from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". If you're not easily offended do yourself a favor and check that show out.

Here's some of the things I found interesting:

1) How to get that bouncy syncopated feel in the accompaniment.

2) How much the the harmonization by 3rds in the flutes helps getting  this "dated" sound.

3) The pizzicato fills in the violins.

4) How the background line helps keep the interest up over the simple 2 chord vamp.

Here's the sketch:

TD8 #26: Melodic Pad & Piano

This device is based on something I heard Bill Ross do on his score to "Harold & Kumar". The difference between a sustained pad and a melodic pad is that there's more movement in the latter. This makes it a more musical participant rather than simply a filler in the background. The sustained pad is useful in most situations though since it's more subtle. No sketch for this one since it's so sparse.