TD8 #6: Uptempo Adventure

Download Pdf's and Mp3 here!

Quite a busy example today. The cool thing with the color analysis, is that it's very easy to see how the sections are working together on the different Elements.

Musically it's basically a call and answer between the brass and strings. Our friend the Countermelody makes it a bit more interesting when the Horns comes back with the first phrase again. After that there's an ascending line in the low instruments before the strings/woodwinds-Fill leads us the ending with the glock and pizz.

Even though the tempo is high the quarter rest in the strings leaves plenty of time for them to get to the ending pizzicato note. Can be easy to forget that they actually need some time to change when you're composing a piece, especially when writing directly into your DAW. 

Hope you get something out of this, and as always feel free to contact me with any questions.