TD8 #21: Call & Answer

Download pdf's and mp3 here!

Here's a device I did roughly a year ago, it seems like I forgot to optimize the score so it might be a bit rough in places. 

I got this one from James Newton Howard's score to "King Kong". As a side note it's amazing how good this score is considering how little time he had to compose such a huge amount of music. 

The device itself is the melody that passes between the horns/clarinets (green) and trumpets (red). As you see in the score the strings are playing the figure with both of them. I still highlighted them differently though to make it clear what instruments they were doubling at any given time. 

There's no sketch for this one. I was experimenting with a more detailed first sketch at the time and it ended up way too detailed to be effective. Basically everything was there and I notated it on 3 staves each for woods/brass and strings. Realized that it's more trouble than it's worth doing this in Sibelius, much easier and faster to sketch an overall version on 4-6 staves and then orchestrate it in the full score.