TD8 #25: String Pad Crescendo pt.2

Here's another version of the device I did in TD8 #11 based on something James Newton Howard did in "King Kong". This one is actually closer to the original score and what I specifically liked is:

1) The way the Oboe "sneaks" in and how much mileage you can get from just one note.

2) The feel you get when you leave the sus4 unresolved.

TD8 #24: Subtle Tension

Download pdf's and mp3 here!

Here's yet another cool device I found on the "Nanny McPhee" soundtrack by James Newton Howard. Here are the specific things I wanted to emulate:

1) The combination of Clarinet/English Horn/Bassoon and Alto Flute on the main melody. Really liked that sound.

2) The way the second violins foreshadow the modulation. 

3) The pedal/ostinato in the woodwinds in the second part of the device.

I didn't use a sketch for this one since I already had a very clear picture of what I wanted. I still treated the full score like a sketch though by focusing on the main thing (usually the melody) first. By doing that you make sure not to overwrite, since everything besides the main thing is there to support it, and has to be arranged accordingly.

TD8 #21: Call & Answer

Download pdf's and mp3 here!

Here's a device I did roughly a year ago, it seems like I forgot to optimize the score so it might be a bit rough in places. 

I got this one from James Newton Howard's score to "King Kong". As a side note it's amazing how good this score is considering how little time he had to compose such a huge amount of music. 

The device itself is the melody that passes between the horns/clarinets (green) and trumpets (red). As you see in the score the strings are playing the figure with both of them. I still highlighted them differently though to make it clear what instruments they were doubling at any given time. 

There's no sketch for this one. I was experimenting with a more detailed first sketch at the time and it ended up way too detailed to be effective. Basically everything was there and I notated it on 3 staves each for woods/brass and strings. Realized that it's more trouble than it's worth doing this in Sibelius, much easier and faster to sketch an overall version on 4-6 staves and then orchestrate it in the full score.