TD8 #25: String Pad Crescendo pt.2

Here's another version of the device I did in TD8 #11 based on something James Newton Howard did in "King Kong". This one is actually closer to the original score and what I specifically liked is:

1) The way the Oboe "sneaks" in and how much mileage you can get from just one note.

2) The feel you get when you leave the sus4 unresolved.

TD8 #11: String Pad Crescendo

Download pdf's and mp3 here!

This a simple but effective device that I first picked up from James Newton Howard's score to "King Kong". It's very common though and I had probably heard something similar hundreds of times in other scores.

The basic idea is a string pad that crescendo/diminuendo's in support of a melody. As you might suspect it's very flexible harmonically and can also be used with woodwinds or brass instead of strings. 

The ostinato helps establish a clear beat since it can be a bit obscure when the pad "fades" in and out. Harmonically it's Fmaj7-Gsus4-G for the first two bars and then Fmaj7-Gsus4. Leaving it unresolved gives a feeling of "what comes next" which can be useful in the right context.