TD8 #19: Quick Strings & Cutting Woods

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Heard something similar on Alexandre Desplat's score to the last "Harry Potter" movie. What I found interesting was how the woodwinds managed to cut through the very loud and busy arrangement. Usually when it comes to arrangements like this it's almost impossible to hear the woods. The key is to put them in a register high enough, and also give them some space rhythmically where they can push through and actually be heard.

Even though it's quite a big sound it's very simple when it comes to the number of Elements. If you have too many things going on it's hard to get the number of people you need for each part to really push the energy up.

Here's the sketch:


TD8 #16: Quirky Woodwinds

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Short one today. Basically all melody, the green being the low and the red the high. Another difference is that the higher line is harmonized as well.

Much easier to work this out in a sketch where you can see all the voices closer together than on a full score page like this. The rest is just a matter of distributing the voices to the most logical instruments according to range and of course what sound you're after. Here's the sketch:

TD8 #15: Dreamy Choir And Woods

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Here's a very peaceful device I got from James Newton Howard's score to "Peter Pan". It's a great score and I'll definitely grab some other cool sounds from it. Even though I'm not really a fan of the Peter Pan movies in general, it seems like the soundtracks are always stellar. Do yourself a favor and check out the following:

1) Tinkerbell and anything else P.P related by Joel McNeely.

2) James Newton Howard's "Peter Pan".

3) Benjamin Wallfisch's "Peter Pan".

4) And of course, the one that sets the bar (veeeeery high I might add) : "Hook" by John Williams.


The device itself is a woodwind melody with the choir in a slightly different pattern, accompanied by strings and harp. The glock is sort of a combination of the two melodies in the woods/choir, it's purpose is to highlight some notes and add a little sparkle.

Here's the sketch: